Day 11 – From Peru to Beirut to Paris, Peace

Drawing a line in the sand for LOVE
Drawing a line in the sand… for LOVE

I was about to post the Day 11 account of my adventure and experiences in Peru but when I checked the internet my heart stopped for a moment. I flipped from one post to another, horrified at what I was reading. I have friends and loved ones all over the world and the pain of the attacks in Beirut were still throbbing when yet another atrocious event was unfolding before my very eyes. After confirming that those who I knew to be in the city were safe, I began to read the various accounts of the violations against mankind.

Many reports were tossing out conspiracy theories, some were shouting false flags and dispersed throughout an onslaught of vile accounts that the refugees embraced by the European Union were indeed at fault. I stopped reading. I swallowed my tears.

It seems the truth is buried amongst a flood of hatred, suspicion and fear. Oddly, I reflected on the fact that it was Friday the 13th. A that day many have superstitous beliefs about. I thought of my friend who was celebrating her birthday. How will she remember this day. How about the people whose birthdays are on September 11? Each date in history has both positive and negative effect. What we chose to honor and celebrate is what differentiates us from the savages.

It’s our beliefs that compound the problems. Our sterotypes, our cultural ignorance and the mass

confusion created by access to unlimited propaganda. Yes, the truth remains buried for many global events. History books are written from slanted perspectives that perpetuate more hatred and misunderstanding. How will this event be recorded? So many people weren’t even aware that just days ago an offensive was waged against Beirut. They deserve our compassion just as much as Paris. There are incursions, intrusions and invasions all over the world, but we need to focus not on the violations but on peace. If we teach compassion, forgiveness and practice unconditional love our world will change.

I don’t understand all the posts that say #prayforparis ? Which God are we praying to? Allah, Jehova, Jesus, the Lord God Almighty? I will pray for peace for all, but I pray not to a god but to the collective conscious of man for it is mankind that is creating these problems and it is mankind that must atone for them.

Namaste, Peace, Love and Unity for all those who suffer in this world.


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