Cusco, PeruA filmmaker from North America and a tour guide from South America form an unlikely partnership to deliver an important story about the lives of the indigenous people of Peru.

Peruvian Heartache is a working title for a documentary feature which examines the lives of the original people from the highlands, midlands and jungles of this vastly diverse country. Since the Spaniards conquered the Incas hundreds of years ago, Peru has undergone incredible transformation. A unique blend of old and new attracts visitors from around the world.

Despite an influx of ever increasing tourism dollars many of the people of this land still struggle for daily existance. The filmmaker will take you on a journey that will explore many of the obstacles that the Quechan people face in their stuggle to keep up sustainable practices.

AlisonHello, I´m Alison (Noni) Richards. Born over a half century ago in Victoria Canada, I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 9. I have worked in film and media for almost 25 years, 13 of which were spent on Los Angeles California. I´ve traveled extensively and had some eye-opening experiences along the way. My passion as an environmental activist brought me to Peru to share the story of the indigenous people. I want to show people that we need to return to the ancient ways to heal and protect mother earth. My projects are focused on teaching alternative (sustainable) ways of living while speaking for those who don´t have the ability to voice their own concerns. I work virtually over the internet with a team of concerned citizens, (teachers, scientists, economists, industry experts) on a project call Stop Reset Go! I´m blessed to have been able to visit so many amazing places and meet such extraordinary people. I hope you enjoy our process and we look forward to sharing this film.

Hola, I am Yieber Cueva Lucana from Maras, which is a small but famous Yiebertown in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, known for its beautiful colonial doors. My first language was Quechua, the local language and language of the Incas. I´m also fluent in Spanish and English. I have a degree in tourism where I studied geography, history, archaeology, culture and local traditions. I´m a professional licensed tour guide and my company Adventure Heart Peru has supported tourism in Peru for more than 12 years. In this capacity, I have also worked with Reach Out Volunteers as the tour leader for their adventures here in Peru. I am passionate about the history and culture of my native land, and continue to expand my knowledge in my free time. Through my work, I also try to help the communities in the area surrounding my home town to improve their future in terms of educational and work opportunities.


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  1. Hi Alison. I´m Miguel Aguirre. I sent to you an e-mail but it returns to me… I think your e-mail address I have is not correct.


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